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PARC Summer Field Day 2024

Be Radio Active

June 22-23, 2pm - 2pm
Fighting Creek Park, Large Shelter, Powhatan, VA

Field Day

Date: June 22 & June 23, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Location: Fighting Creek Park, Large Shelter

2505 Mann Road

Powhatan, VA 23139



J-Pole Raffle

Date: June 22, 2024
Time: 6:00 PM

Tickets: $2.00

Must be present to win. Drawing will be June 22nd at 6 pm. 

Sign Up

Transmit or Log:

Click Here to reserve your spot to transmit on the air​ or log contacts for 60 minutes. 

Dinner, June 22:

Click here to RSVP for the Dinner on Saturday at 6 pm. For more details, click here.

Set Up

Date: June 22, 2024

Time: 9:00 AM

Tear Down

Date: June 23, 2024
Time: 2:00 PM

Site Setup Tour

Date: June 22, 2024
Time: 1:45 pm

Join us for a tour of the equipment and antenna's before the event kicks off! 

What is it all about?

ARRL Field Day is the biggest on-air event for ham radio operators in North America! Every year on the fourth weekend of June, PARC transforms ARRL Field Day into a unique blend of fun, practice, and community outreach. This year's theme, "Be Radio Active," captures PARC's spirit for ARRL Field Day. With Solar Cycle 25 nearing its peak, favorable conditions promise an exceptional year for radio communication. We anticipate extremely high activity, especially on the upper HF bands like 15 and 10 meters, which means you could be talking to hams across the country and even the world!

Field Day at PARC

For PARC, Field Day goes beyond just a competition. It's a chance to hone our emergency response skills by setting up temporary stations and operating under simulated emergency conditions. We also use this opportunity to educate the public about the capabilities of amateur radio and its potential to support the community during times of need. This year we will be setting up in the large shelter at Fighting Creek Park and operating the radios on batteries. We will be using two end fed half wave wire antennas for HF and a j-pole for VHF/UHF operation. One HF antenna will be for the “Bring Your Own Radio” station. So bring your own HF radio and plug in! The other antenna will be used with a Yaesu FT-991A. One hour time slots are reserved on a first come, first serve. Be sure and sign up! 

Summer Field Day.png

Anyone can operate a ham radio during Field Day!

Curious about ham radio but you heard you must have a license to operate? No problem! PARC lets everyone have a chance to talk on the radio at our ARRL Field Day event. You can experience the fun of ham radio under the guidance of our licensed members. Make your own calls on the airwaves and connect with hams across the US and the World! The PARC Field Day operates under the club's N4POW callsign. As a Field Day participant, you'll use our club call sign and a control operator's license privileges to operate under their supervision.  This means if you have no license at all, you can operate the radio. Even if you have a technician class license, you can operate on the HF bands at our event.


The highlight of PARC's Field Day is the dinner on Saturday evening at 6 pm. It's a time to relax, share stories, and celebrate ham radio with fellow club members, family, and friends. Everyone is welcome and please RSVP for planning purposes. 


After dinner, we will draw the winning raffle ticket for a copper J-Pole antenna. Raffle tickets may be purchased at Field Day. 

Get Your License or Upgrade!

If you're looking to obtain or upgrade your license, we host a VE testing session in conjunction with the KC4TS VE team from 10 am to 12 pm on Saturday. Walk-ins are welcome and we stay until everyone is finished. For fees and what to bring with you to the test, check out the KC4TS VE website or contact David Thomas - WD3O, at

Where to Find Us

The PARC Field Day is held in the large shelter at Fighting Creek Park, 2505 Mann Road, Powhatan VA. The park normally closes at 8 PM, but we secure permission to remain in the park for the entire 24-hour period. Restrooms are just a few steps away from the Field Day site.

Satellite view of Fighting Creek
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