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VHF Coverage Map

The N4POW Repeater

Repeater Trustee:  Jim Merritt- KK4IUH

VHF Voice:  147.315+  CTCSS 74.4
                  WiresX Room:  33183
UHF Voice:  443.350+ 
                  Linked to DMRVA Network

Digital:  145.730 Packet Gateway/Digi (N4POW-10)
            145.090 VARA FM Gateway/Digi (N4POW-10)

UHF Coverage Map

If You Hear Digital Noise on the147.315 Repeater

Wires-X is now turned on and you may need to change the settings in your analog only radio if you are hearing the digital signal through the speaker.  Most people won't want to hear the digital signal that sounds like noise.  This problem is very easy to correct on all modern radios.  It is called CTCSS and is found in the menu where you find the tone setting on your radio.  Be sure you have CTCSS turned on.  On some radios it is referred to as tone encode and tone decode, check your manual.  You want to have both encode and decode turned on.  You will still see an indication on your radio when the the repeater is in digital use even though you won't hear anything.  Your screen may illuminate, or perhaps the IN USE light will be on.

You would never try to "talk over" another analog station, so please don't talk over a digital station either.  That is just good radio etiquette.  Just because you don't hear the digital signal does not mean a digital QSO is not happening.  You should observe your radio before you key up.

The VHF repeater operates in both analog and digital modes automatically.  Everyone is welcome to use either mode you choose.  We will never have this repeater configured for digital mode only.  Many of us have multiple radios that are analog only.  I don't want to replace my radios and neither does anyone else.  Analog will be the mode used for ARES.

It is probably best to use analog for rag-chews and long QSO's.  That way if someone with analog only needs to break in, they will be able to do it.  May I suggest if your digital QSO runs longer than 5 minutes, you switch to analog and see if anyone needs to use the repeater before going back to digital.  That is just being courteous to all users.

This repeater is intended for use by everyone.  Always remember there are way more analog radios in use than there are Fusion radios.  Probably will be that way for a very long time.  Share the airways and have fun with this new mode.
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