Ham Radio Exam Schedule


All levels of Amateur Radio License exams are proctored by our professional "VE" Team.

If you're new to ham radio and need your 1st test, OR you want to upgrade your existing license, PARC is the place to come.

For more information on how to signup for an exam, check out the KC4TS VE Team web page or contact David Thomas - WD3O,  at thomasdavida@gmail.com

2022 Exam Schedule

Saturday's:  10am to Noon

Gospel Light Baptist Church

2109 Anderson Hwy, Powhatan, VA  23139

(across from South Creek)

June 4th

June 25 (At Field Day)

August 6th

September 3rd

October 1st

                        November 5th                      

Congratulations !!!

Ham Cartoon 1.jpg

Please reach out and congratulate the latest new or upgraded ham radio operators:

Ambrose Sharnick      KQ4AGD      New Tech

David Sager                 KF4RGS      Tech to General

Nelson Rhoten             KQ4AIH       New Tech

Glen Michael                KQ4AFB       New Tech

Robert Gorman            KQ4AGE      New Tech

Joshua Karger             KQ4AII         Tech to General

Tedd Benedict              KO4ZHY       Tech to General

Chris Hall                     KQ4AIJ         New Tech

William Jackson          KQ4AGF       New Tech

Hee Young Choi           KQ4AHS       New Tech

Hal Dowdy                   KQ4AEU        New Tech

David Kleinholz           KO4RNT        General to Extra

Carol Smith                                        New Tech

Tiara Miller                                         New Tech