Operation Grid-Failure Exercise

January 18,  2020  08:00 - 14:00 EST

District 6 & Powhatan

The Powhatan Area Radio Club and it's N4POW repeaters, are a part of District-6 within the Virginia Section of ARES.  We participate in all training, exercises, and activations when called upon by a government official.

How would you communicate if internet, and all the phones stopped working?   

Screenshot_2019-09-25 National Emergency
Screenshot_2019-02-21 PowerPoint Present

2017 ARES Annual Report

Screenshot_2019-02-22 (6) Helicopter res

Emergency Rescue From Montain-Top Repeater

Video instruction on using the ARES-Connect Web Platform For Public Service Event Management
The Comprehensive Information You Want To Know About AREDN Mesh
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Screenshot_2019-01-11 (6) Amateur radio

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