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The club sponsors a weekly Net Control Operator (NCO) training net every Monday at  7pm. Operating as Net Control, for a special event or emergency activation takes practice. The training net offers the opportunity to get that practice in a friendly, low-stress and non-emergency situation.

If you have participated in a net and would like to take the next step and train as an NCO, please review the NCO training script that is provided below and complete the registration form. Someone from the club will be in touch with you to schedule your training session.

Click here for the NCO Training Script

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Think Fast, Talk Smart Communication Tec

Training never ends.  Seeking knowledge and improvement should always be a paramount life goal.

On this page you will find different types of training courses and independent study that should help you improve your skills and abilities


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FEMA Independent Study Courses

In order for you to receive a certificate of completion and to get credit for the course, you must register for an SID prior to taking the course final exam.

For folks involved in ARES/RACES, the above four courses are the minimum number of courses you need to take.   ARES members are encouraged to complete this instruction by the end of 2019.  All FEMA courses are free, and can be completed online at your leisure.

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