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A collection of Special Events or Contest Stations

AFMARS 75th Anniversary Special Event


In recognition of the 75th anniversary of Air Force MARS, a special event will be held the first full week of 
November. This event will take place on all HF bands using common modes, including SSB, CW, and 
Representative stations located in each of the ten geographical AFMARS Communications Wings will be 
on-the-air calling CQ and identifying themselves as special event stations with the following 1x1 callsigns:
Wing Identification FEMA Region Special Callsign.


  • 1st Communications Wing Region 1 W1A

  • 2nd Communications Wing Region 2 W1B

  • 3rd Communications Wing Region 3 W1C

  • 4th Communications Wing Region 4 W1D

  • 5th Communications Wing Region 5 W1E

  • 6th Communications Wing Region 6 W1F

  • 7th Communications Wing Region 7 W1G

  • 8th Communications Wing Region 8 W1H

  • 9th Communications Wing Region 9 W1J

  • 10th Communications Wing Region 10 W1K

In addition, we are excited to announce that K4AF, the MARS station located at the Pentagon, will be on 

the air as a part of this event!

How It Works:

The event will kick-off on November 5 and end on November 11, 2023. Participants should monitor 

frequencies for the above-listed stations and respond to the QSO calls. Stations that receive an 

acknowledgement and authentication code will be registered in the official log. Upon completion of the 

event, those stations that have been officially logged in all ten Communication Wings will receive a QSL 

document. Stations that, in addition to the ten Communication Wings, make contact with the Pentagon 

MARS station, will receive a second QSL document attesting to that feat.


Additional Information:

Check the official AFMARS website for updated information. Additional details, including schedules, 

bands, and modes will be posted as they are finalized.

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