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The "Digital Corner"

By:  Ray - WT4B

Hello and Welcome to Ray’s (WT4B) Digital Corner!
As you may or may not know there are many Digital Modes available to us as Amateur Radio Operators.  The purpose and main focus of Ray’s (WT4B) Digital Corner will be the Voice over IP aspect of digital communication.  As this aspect of our hobby is fairly new and ever changing, we will probably be learning much of the information together.  However, I think that I may know just enough to get us up and running and we will take the remainder of the journey together.
With voice over IP as it pertains to amateur radio, there are primarily 4 different systems (and I do mean, completely different systems) to consider.  DMR, System Fusion (Wires-X), D-Star, and P25.  The PARC repeaters are compatible with DMR and System Fusion with Wires-X.  So, we will mainly be focused on those two systems.  
Looking forward, I am anticipating that this section of the website will grow to be quite large and with much information.  Therefore, we are going to break the main section up into two sub-sections under the main section of Ray’s (WT4B) Digital Corner in order to keep the information in an organized manner.  The two sub-sections will be  System Fusion and Wires-X.

At any time that you would like to contribute to the “Digital Corner” or have a questions, please do not hesitate to write to me at  Your participation will be greatly appreciated!
Let’s Get Started!

List of SMS Email Gateways

ASC Alaska          [phone number]                                       Orange                  {phone number]

Alltel                                                                              Orange Poland                       

Ameritech                                                               Plus Poland                            

Arch                                                                                  Qwest                                     

AT&T                                                                                               Rogers                                    

Bell Canada                                                                     Sasktel                                    

Blue Sky Frog                                                                   Smart                                      

Boost                                                                          Southern Line                                     

Carolina West                                                                        Sprint                                                                                                                                                                          SunCom                                                                         

Cellular One                                                          Sure West                               

Cellular South                                                                        SwissCom                               

Cincinnati Bell                                                                           T Mobile                                  

Cingular                                                                T Mobile (Ger)                         

Cingular Blue                                                                          T Mobile (UK)                          

Claro                                                                           TBayTel                                   

Comviq                                                                                Telenor                                    

Cricket                                                                       Telus                                        

Edge                                                                      Tim                                          

Einstein PCS                                                                   Unicel                                      

Fido                                                                                                   V Mobile CA                             

Immix                                                                                Verizon                                     

Metro PCS                                                                      Virgin Mobile                          

Mobile One                                                                               Vodacom Africa                      

MTN Africa                                                                                 Vodafone                                 

Nextel                                                                    Vodafone Italy                        

Ntelos                                                                                WellCom                                  


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