Check out this years Field Day Page for more information on how you can participate and a link to signup to help or operate a station and the Saturday night dinner.


New Ham Radio Operators !!!

Amateur Radio License Exams were recently administered by our awesome VE team. 

Here are the results:

Nathaniel Wooley,    KE8RYY    New Technician

David Williams,    KO4QAB    New Technician

Kenneth Howell,    KO4JGJ   Technician to General

Halden Sickles,    KO4OCE    Technician to General

Lois Woolard,    KE4WQJ    General to Extra

Roger Burke,    KO4GVG    Technician to General

Richard Pepper,    KO4QAC    New Technician

Raymond "Ray-Ray" Robins,    KN4OJB    General to Extra

Brandon Arnett,    KO4QAD    New Technician

Congratulations to all.  We look forward to QSO's with you in the future.  

Need to take a Ham Radio Test?  For those new to ham radio, or those upgrading an existing license, check out our "VE Team" testing schedule.

Powhatan Cnty Watertank (4).jpg

Everything you need to know about the N4POW repeater.  The components, design, how to connect and how to use it's features.

If you want to "do stuff" with your radio skills, PARC is the place to be.  Check out our calendar of events and activities to see what's going on each month.  We would love to have you join us !!!


PARC is a member of Virginia District 1 ARES.  We provide communication support for Powhatan County Emergency Management and participate in the activities of Capital Region ARES

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Check out this section for Toms take on all things technical.  Some of these cool ideas are from his own experiences.

The N4POW System Fusion Repeater:
147.315  CTCSS 74.4
On theDMRVA Network
145.730 Simplex

Our resident guru on System Fuzion will provide plenty of tips and tricks for all things Fuzion.