Tape Measure Yagi Antenna Build Workshop

Come build a tape measure yagi antenna that can be used for Radio Direction Finding and Foxhunting. The class will be lead by Ray Robins (KN4OJB) on Saturday July 16th 9am.

Class size will be limited and you must bring your own materials as listed below. Please register to reserve your space in the class.

Materials List:

6 foot of 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch Sch 40 PVC

1 Tee and 2 Crosses of your chosen PVC size *Crosses may be hard to find*

One 90 degrees elbow or 45 degrees elbow depending on the handle type desired *I recommend  the 45*

Implement able to cut your chosen size of PVC in a clean manner

~ 6 feet of RG-58 Coax with 1 end pre-soldered with a PL259 other end stripped

1-1/2 inch hose clamps OR Heavy duty Zip ties *either works fine*

One tape measure approximately 1 inch wide and at least 12 feet long *this will be destroyed*

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